VIU and IEEE sign agreement to promote technological development in Latin America

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The signing of the collaboration agreement between the Universidad Internacional de Valencia - VIU and the Ecuadorian section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), marks another step forward in the path of VIU to deepen and consolidate its relations of training, research, technology transfer, dissemination and exchange of experiences, both with Ecuador and with the region in general.

The agreement establishes the basis for the development of activities focused on the development and implementation of research programmes, the dissemination of technological experiences, future joint training initiatives through VIU's School of Engineering, Science and Technology (ESICT) and the creation of a monitoring committee for the established activities.

The committee will be composed, on behalf of IEEE, by Monica Huerta, president of the delegation of Ecuador; and on behalf of VIU, by Ernesto Lopez, assistant dean of the School of Engineering, Science and Technology (ESICT) of the University and Heidi Bolivar, director of the Official Master in Renewable Energy at VIU.

For Dr. Néstor Sanchez Doreste, dean of the ESICT of VIU, this agreement is an important milestone within the purpose of the School, and in this regard has pointed out that, "In the current international context, collaboration agreements like this between IEEE and VIU are essential to train more and better professionals and researchers capable of initiating future actions and projects that allow an innovative technological transition according to the demands and needs of today's society".

For her part, Mónica Huerta, president of the Ecuadorian delegation of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, said that "it is a valuable opportunity to create new development scenarios that enhance the country's technological talent".

The alliance is possible thanks to the dynamics that these institutions have been able to implement in distance education, something that breaks down barriers when it comes to democratising access to quality education of international standing.

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