Ayudas al Estudio Marruecas 2024
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Connecting knowledge and culture

At Planeta Formación y Universidades, we are clearly committed to knowledge and culture. We train professionals with the specific needs of the world of work in mind. We have a direct connection with the business world thanks to our alliances with the production network. That is why we promote the internships of our students as a key asset when designing our programmes.



International network

We are a network of educational institutions made up of universities, business schools, specialised colleges and vocational training centres that train more than 135,000 students every year. We are connected to the latest trends in education and integrate them into our programmes, promoting innovative value proposals for our institutions. As a result, our network of institutions continually evolves based on the transformations experienced by the sector in order to build a community that is committed to the development of people.



Social impact and diversity

Wherever you are and whatever discipline you are interested in or your professional needs, at Planeta Formación y Universidades we are confident that we can offer each individual the opportunity to grow through training. We train people in knowledge and we train them in skills and abilities throughout their careers. We offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, master’s degrees, vocational and ongoing training in the in-person, online or hybrid education modalities to adapt to you.