Six EAE Business School master's degrees, among the top 5 in their category in Spain, according to the QS Ranking

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Six master's degrees offered by EAE Business School, which belongs to Planeta Formación y Universidades, have been positioned in the TOP 5 in Spain in their category, according to the QS ranking, the results of which were announced today. The most highly valued aspects of these master's degrees were value for money, diversity in the classrooms and the level of employability of the students.

The Master in Supply Chain Management at EAE is the best in Spain in this specialisation, according to the prestigious ranking. The programme, validated by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), has also been recognised as the seventh in the world in its category with the best value for money and also stands out for the diversity of nationalities and gender in its classrooms.

The Master in Management, the fifth best in Spain, has been ranked number 1 globally in its category in the value for money dimension, which indicates the best return on investment for a master's degree in management in Spain.

The QS ranking places EAE's Master in Finance as the fourth best Master in Finance in Spain. This master's degree incorporates a track in Fintech and is ranked 21st in relation to the programme's value for money.

The Master in Marketing at EAE Business School has also obtained the fourth position in Spain. Globally, this master's degree is ranked seventh in the world in its category in terms of value for money.

As for EAE's Master in Big Data, a programme that offers everything from programming languages to decision-making based on data visualisation and machine learning, the QS ranking places it as the third best in Spain and also stands out in variables that are very well positioned for all the EAE Business School programmes ranked; Diversity, Employability and Value for Money.


The QS Ranking has recognised EAE Business School's MBA as the fifth best MBA in Spain and one of the best in the world. The prestigious international ranking places the EAE MBA in 43rd place in Europe and 121st-130th globally, highlighting the employability and professional progress of the students (alumni outcomes), as well as the diversity in the programme's classrooms. In the indicator that measures the return on investment of the EAE MBA, the programme has increased its score by 14.52% compared to 2022.

More information on the results of the ranking: QS Business Master's Rankings 2024 | Top Universities

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