ESDESIGN is the first 100% online design school, a meeting point where distance, days and hours don't matter. A school with no doors, but a thousand windows to the world.

ESDESIGN is about connecting personal growth with global and social commitments. It's about transforming ideas and projects into reality. ESDESIGN is about experiencing the world of design with a 360º perspective.



The ESDESIGN master's degrees stand out for being 100% online and fully flexible while having a clear international vocation. This educational proposal is based on learning through the constructivist model and collaborative work involving real-time teaching via videoconferencing and spaces for pre-recorded communication.

At ESDESIGN, we understand that every design process begins with a problem, is followed by a project and ends with a solution. This is why the backbone of our master's degrees is a project-based methodology with a business vision, understood as the systematisation of the steps required to solve a design problem from the initial idea through to the final product.



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