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Rome Business School is a Business School based in Rome (Italy). Its aim is to play a role in closing the gap between the academic world and the job market by providing managerial training courses suited to convey the knowledge necessary to kick off or develop professional careers or business activities. The courses it offers are designed to provide the knowledge necessary to start up or develop your professional or entrepreneurial career, with reference to the international environment. All Rome Business School courses feature the highest levels of educational quality and a scrupulous attention to student needs. The Institute employs a team of selected teachers and numerous teaching aids that, together with constant learning verification tests, ensure the maximum effectiveness of the learning process.


“Our mission is to train entrepreneurs, managers and professionals to a level of excellence in their competencies and ethical approaches to business and work, enabling them to play a part in the development of an economic humanity and of a society more prosperous, fair, and respectful of the central role of the individual”.


We have also active in the rest of Italy and the world, with distance learning and in-house courses held at company, organization and professional study headquarters. By bringing together people, cultures, and inspirational ideas from around the world, the Rome Business School provides a new and unique educational experience. The courses on offer at the Rome Business School are divided into Master’s Programmes and Executive Education Short Courses.



Master’s Programmes

Rome is the cradle of a millennial civilization that has always inspired and amazed the world.  It provides a unique cultural setting in which students can enjoy a culturally rich experience while participating in courses that offer world-class teaching and a global experience. If you decide to study in Rome, you will have the opportunity to live and experience the beauty it offers, also thanks to a special programme aimed at enhancing your business creativity and innovation through the stimulus of art.  The Rome Business School is an International Institution that welcomes students, companies, governments, organizations and entrepreneurs from more than 140 countries of the world. Furthermore, the Rome Business School is proud to avail itself of an international top level faculty expressing and bearing the most up to date knowledge in the fields of management and entrepreneurship. The Rome Business School employs university lecturers, company trainers, consultants, managers, and entrepreneurs chosen because of their proven experience and skills. The faculty has a strong multicultural inclination, with representatives from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. It will synergistically leave you with a wealth of knowledge for your personal development. Our selected, renewed, and highly competent lecturers are always assessed and rated by students as part of our quality assurance system. The Rome Business School is developing an International didactic and corporate network thanks to several partnerships with business schools, universities, and companies. The Rome Business School’s courses are also available in a distance learning formula. The School not only provides the teaching materials, but also includes opportunities for live online lessons and the constant assistance of a personal tutor. This didactic option thus ensures a great training effectiveness, is economically advantageous and provides you with a great studying flexibility. The Rome Business School distance learning programmes are designed to provide you with the maximum support and success.


Executive Education

By combining the best of academic knowledge with its practical applications, the Rome Business School offers training programmes aimed at making companies and organizations grow. Our executive education programmes are designed for every stage of individual and organizational development, and deliver both short-term impact and long-term transformation. We tailor customized courses based on the specific needs of each organization, combining our passion and outstanding expertise in executive development with the goal of boosting organizational performance. The educational approach always involves a careful combination of precise conceptual references and practical-applied activities designed to reinforce learning and make it fully functional to the professional and personal needs of the participants


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