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Planeta Formación y Universidades

Planeta Formación y Universidades is an international educational network focused on promoting knowledge, developing careers, and connecting talent with the world of work. Our mission is to drive talent growth to advance society.

As an international network, we act as a guarantee for both students and institutions with the endorsement of forming part of Grupo Planeta, the largest Spanish language publishing and entertainment group. We have an accessible educational proposal connected to the reality of the production network that is based on a multi-specialist range and a practical approach. We offer all levels of higher education with a wide range of qualifications and programmes at high standards of academic rigour and a strong vocation for generating knowledge. We use a fully student-centred, flexible and innovative method.

We believe in merit and effort to meet our goals, to fulfil everything we propose, and to boost careers with a firm commitment to supporting students throughout their professional growth. We believe in innovative and diverse training, with the transformative capacity to adapt to the needs of students, the market and society. We believe in leadership and in building an accessible global community focused on progress and committed to education and research.

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Flexible and innovative methodology
Present in 8 countries
More than 135,000 active students
More than 600 teaching and university programmes
Red - 3
More than 38% international teachers