Barcelona Culinary Hub is born, graduate school specialized in gastronomy

Monday 11/01/2021


  • Barcelona Culinary Hub has now been launched, as the new Planeta Formación y Universidades higher-level school specialising in the culinary sector.


  • In its first phase, Barcelona Culinary Hub offers master's programmes in management and communication specialising in the gastronomic sector, certified by the University of Barcelona. In addition to a wide range of “Gastro Solutions” mainly focused on running a restaurant.


  • The Barcelona Culinary Hub vision is to become the leading school in its field.


This launch serves to expand the Planeta Formación y Universidades international network of educational institutions catering to a professional sector with development potential, and which is one of Spain's economic drivers

Barcelona Culinary Hub is a higher-level school specialising in gastronomy, with the aim of professionalising the sector by conveying values such as rigour, creativeness and professionalism, centred in the initial phase on management and communication.

The Barcelona Culinary Hub academic model focuses on the quality of useful and practical "learning by doing", offering students an ongoing response to market demands. A flexible model which combines traditional and digital learning, within a context in which training calls for new digitalised formulas: "Our model has already been devised from a 100% online perspective allowing us to export Mediterranean culture and cuisine around the globe, which right now is a bonus," according to Barcelona sources.

The school is founded on values such as respect, ethics, globality and rigour, through raising environmental awareness and incorporating issues such as Slow Food, Zero Food Mileage and respect for agri-food culture.


Academic offering in the initial phase:


The Barcelona Culinary Hub Gastro Solutions comprise 8 online programmes each lasting three months, during which the students will learn from experts the key management concepts which they can then apply in practice to the restaurant trade.  Some programmes feature such established culinary figures as Paco Pérez, winner of 5 Michelin stars; Xavier Pellicer, recipient of the first Vegetable Restaurant Award; journalist José María Toro, and entrepreneur and mixologist Javier de las Muelas, among the most notable names.


Master's courses in innovation, management and communication certified by the University of Barcelona and in partnership with Atresmedia

The first phase of the Barcelona Culinary Hub educational offering begins with two master's courses. The first, “Communication and Gastronomic Customer Experience", with Diego Coquillat as a programme director, and in partnership with Atresmedia. The students on this course will discover the communication skills and techniques to create, develop and plan a successful culinary business strategy.

The second master's course, "Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Culinary Management" explores the gastronomic enterprise sector. The goal is to train leaders with a global vision who are capable of developing their creativity and capacity for innovation.

Both master's qualifications are issued by Barcelona Culinary Hub and the University of Barcelona (UB).