Inesdi Digital Business School


Aware of the extent of the changes in this environment, Inesdi Digital Business School focuses its efforts on ensuring that companies and professionals acquire the know-how, skills and abilities they need to adapt and develop in a digital world.

Inesdi is a business school specialising in digital training. They have since 2010 been helping people and organisations to attune to digital contexts. Their aim is that each and every one of their students should acquire a competitive profile making it easier for them to open doors and to navigate the global job market. Which is why the programmes they deliver offer a strategic and practical vision in line with market needs.



Inesdi Digital Business School applies the methodology of Learning by Doing. An approach based on consolidating lessons learned through practical experience and work on real case studies, because in a digital environment, theory is not enough.

During their training, students will demonstrate the digital skills and knowledge they have acquired by developing a real case study provided by the school or by the students themselves, which they will present and defend at the end of their course as an essential requirement to be awarded their qualifications.





— Marketing

— Communication


Calle Velázquez, 57

28001 Madrid


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