As a university institution, we are committed to the development of the country and the strengthening of our region through a range of courses designed to respond to the needs of the production sectors. At the Escuela Superior de Empresa, Ingeniería y Tecnología (ESEIT), we believe in internationalisation, innovative methodologies and a close relationship with the business world.

We offer technological and professional programmes in the business and engineering fields. Solid, practical and professionalising academic training that responds to the demands of an increasingly competitive context.

ESEIT maintains a close relationship with the local and international business ecosystem, which is the basis for its programmes and academic activities. We know the type of professionals that companies need and how to improve the employability of our students.



Our teaching-learning model is based on competencies, with a significant presence of active methodologies which are supported by a virtual learning environment and promote the development of multidisciplinary skills and abilities.

Alongside classroom-based programmes, we also offer virtual programmes with, a methodology that allows for greater flexibility and always places the focus squarely on the students' overall and ongoing experience.


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