The Core Entertainment Science School


The hearbeat driving the industry.

The Core is the only university school born in the largest audiovisual hub in Europe, Madrid Content City. From within the entertainment industry, for the first time, those seeking training in the field of entertainment will be able to do so in direct contact with those who inspire, create and generate employment.

The idea behind The Core is to bring together in one single space the people and resources that power the content sector: publishers, screenwriters, producers, audience analysts, programmers, animators, managers...

Although each academic programme is specific, in them, students and teachers from other disciplines work together to enrich their vision and establish links that they can also develop outside the classroom.

Here they will access knowledge and tools, of course. But above all, at the heart of a business that makes collaboration, experimentation and technology its creative weapons.

Those who want to boost their careers on platforms, broadcasters, producers and social media must know that entertainment content never had so much space and its professionals so much to contribute.



Professional expertise.

The Core methodology is based on challenges and projects. The purpose of everything the student sees and does is to be fed into practical tasks, transferred from real industry dynamics and guided by professional experts.

Furthermore, collaboration with students (from other degrees too) replicates the interprofessional context existing in entertainment companies. Only then can they see their talent and ability to take responsibilities and new skills grow naturally and progressively.

At the end, the sum or evolution of their projects will have built a High-Level Portfolio with which to advance in the labour market, starting with a presentation to relevant people in the field and their practices in the best companies in the sector.

In short, a complete connection with professional reality that becomes the great advantage of training at the heart of the industry. The value of growing at The Core.



— Film, Content and Series

— Animation and Video Games

— Communication and Marketing

— Creative Engineering

— Business

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